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On MPIO and In-Guest iSCSI

April 3, 2014

I recently had a “stimulating discussion”* with Tom about MPIO initiated from a virtualized guest OS to a new SAN I am installing, and the pros and cons there of. This is one of those situations where the constraints of the technology make sense in a physical situation, but look a bit odd virtualized, so I wanted to ensure that I had the best possible solution for my needs, with the least extra effort, and importantly, some logic to back up the decision.



When IIS ‘Configure’ Files Truncate

April 2, 2014

Not so common problems

There is a subset of problems that happen very very rarely. That require a set of coincidences to occur in order for them to happen. The chances of these events actually happening are so small as to be negligible. In modern computing, they happen.