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When IIS ‘Configure’ Files Truncate

April 2, 2014

Not so common problems

There is a subset of problems that happen very very rarely. That require a set of coincidences to occur in order for them to happen. The chances of these events actually happening are so small as to be negligible. In modern computing, they happen.



Queued Exchange Mailbox Moves

July 2, 2013

This morning I had a list of Exchange 2010 move requests that were sat in a queued state. None in progress, but a few complete. So what was holding them up?

First I tried suspending/resuming them:

Get-MoveRequest -multitenant | suspend-moverequest -Confirm:$false

Get-MoveRequest -multitenant | resume-moverequest

That didn’t help.

Next I tried removing and re-creating the requests:

[PS] C:\scripts>Get-MoveRequest -MultiTenant | Get-MoveRequestStatistics | select displayname,exchangeguid,targetdatabase | export-csv moves.csv

[PS] C:\scripts>Get-MoveRequest -MultiTenant | Remove-MoveRequest -Confirm:$false

[PS] C:\scripts>Import-Csv .\moves.csv |foreach-object {new-moverequest -confirm:$false -Identity $_.Exchangeguid -targetdatabase $_.Targetdatabase}

But still no dice. The next thing I noticed though was that the moves were all targeted at databases on the same server, so I went hunting services on that machine. It turns out that the “Microsoft Exchange Replication” service was stopped. Kicked that into action, and bingo, 4 moves went to “In Progress”