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Centos and VMware tools

May 1, 2012

I found a funky blog post detailing the steps to get VMware tools from the official vmware repo. The details below are for 4.1 but it should be easy enough to tweak for other versions of ESX…

Thanks Emanuelis!

Add VMware GPG keys:

rpm --import
rpm --import

Edit /etc/yum.repos.d/vmware-tools.repo:

name=VMware Tools

Install VMware Tools:

yum install vmware-open-vm-tools-nox



The Road to Xen

September 13, 2011

Due to some not great clicking, and a ridiculously slow Internet connection in the office. I am left with one one way to get XenApp running, and not a lot of time. I have a .vhd, but no Hyper-V machine to test on… Time for some nesting.

Starting with William Lam’s instructions on virtuallyGhetto I spun up a Windows Server 2008R2 VM, installed and swapped over to the ESXi5.0 virtual hardware. Once I’d gotten past forgetting to make the Host config change:

echo “vhv.allow = \”TRUE\”” >> /etc/vmware/config

I had a booting windows box and a happy feeling. I installed the Hyper-V role, and rebooted. Then I realized I didn’t have any NICs and the fun started. Lots of black screens later I realized that if I boot the VM with NICs added, but not “Connected” everything is fine, and once I get the proper video feed from Windows, I can connect the BICs, and Hyper-V is happy. If I leave the NICs connected at boot though, I get a black screen. Very, very odd.

So, spwan a VM, attach the VHD, boot, and we have a XenApp virtual machine. Add it to DNS, and then….Hmmm… Getting a random error.

Perhaps I’ll be back later…


After this, it's turtles all the way down....

ESX Memory Usage

September 8, 2010

Another bit of PowerScripting…. This one gicves average number of VMs per Cluster, and also the memory/Ocercommit stats at the current time for the hosts in the cluster….