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Queued Exchange Mailbox Moves

July 2, 2013

This morning I had a list of Exchange 2010 move requests that were sat in a queued state. None in progress, but a few complete. So what was holding them up?

First I tried suspending/resuming them:

Get-MoveRequest -multitenant | suspend-moverequest -Confirm:$false

Get-MoveRequest -multitenant | resume-moverequest

That didn’t help.

Next I tried removing and re-creating the requests:

[PS] C:\scripts>Get-MoveRequest -MultiTenant | Get-MoveRequestStatistics | select displayname,exchangeguid,targetdatabase | export-csv moves.csv

[PS] C:\scripts>Get-MoveRequest -MultiTenant | Remove-MoveRequest -Confirm:$false

[PS] C:\scripts>Import-Csv .\moves.csv |foreach-object {new-moverequest -confirm:$false -Identity $_.Exchangeguid -targetdatabase $_.Targetdatabase}

But still no dice. The next thing I noticed though was that the moves were all targeted at databases on the same server, so I went hunting services on that machine. It turns out that the “Microsoft Exchange Replication” service was stopped. Kicked that into action, and bingo, 4 moves went to “In Progress”